Decision Trees - a model of mind

Decision Trees

Welcome to my blog about what I call 'decision trees'. They are not new to people from software development, but in psychology and neurology they seem to be unknown. This has to do with the intrinsic nature of science, which prohibits something that is not...measurable (yet). However, I think we are closing in on the time that what I write here is testable and measurable. It can (I hope) even help solve some issues and give more insights to everyone in how we as humans work.
Currently I have built the chapters:
The why: Heritage of development
This chapter focusses on WHY I decided to write this up and how I got to the concept.
The how: The model of decision trees
This chapter focusses on how I came to build the model the way it is.
The basics: A small description
This chapter focusses on the very basic idea of the model.
The effects: Results measurable with the model
This chapter is a bit ahead of things, because it shows where application of the model is expected to bring benefits.
About how the neural network forces the conscious/subconscious to receive signals that we perceive as 'dreams.
Emotion: Fear
What drives us. How can it be that we respond the same, but more limited, when looking at earlier species? Where does it start? What is love, hate, sorrow, and fear?
Instinct, Intuition, Memory and Legacy *NEW*
So, is it all about the brains, or is there more? Of course there is more. Information isn't stored only in the brain. What if a person isn't alive yet? Or died, did the information vanish?

Upcoming: Dreams, the history of the Neuron, Schematics of the Tree

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